What Our Happy Customers Say





Jackie S.

“Dean has this gift as do other members of the team, just knowing I have an ally in managing my daily physical trials, allows me breathing space to cope with all the stresses to which we commit ourselves to on a daily basis.!”

Louise T.

“Thank-you for the extra time and care you’ve given to me recently, I appreciate the genuine care you have for me as a person as well as patient”

Keith F.

“Thanks so much for everything Dean, I can even forgive you being an Arsenal Fan”


“The team have given me my life back, independence and mobility! Thank-you so much!”

Stu. G

“To anyone looking into chiropractic care I would say its worth it as it’s improved the quality of my life and well being”


“I would say to any new patient there’s nothing to be afraid of, go for it!…it has helped me so much”

Simon. C

“A big thank-you to all the staff who made me feel at home and relaxed!”


“We all have to live the onset of getting older but there really is no need to just grin and bear it…I’m so glad it decided to spend the money on my spine just as /i would have my car…The future now looks so much brighter, I can continue with the job I love and enjoy my grandchildren!”

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