Your First Visit

As chiropractors, we pride ourselves on gaining as much information about your complaint as possible. Alongside this a thorough chiropractic examination helps us provide an accurate diagnosis and effective treatment plan.

As chiropractors yes we mostly treat spinal complaints, however months or years of compensation can lead to other body areas sometimes being affected. In some cases your pain may be coming from inflammation or irritation elsewhere in the body. Our aim is to get to the root cause of your problem and make sure you get the appropriate care needed; whether with us or in a few cases a referral as needed to the specialist needed. Paddock Wood Chiropractic works closely with local private clinic offers MRI, X-ray and other medical imaging on referral by our clinicians.

Report of findings:

Normally performed at the initial visit, unless more time is needed to study your case, our report of findings is an opportunity for us to explain what we have found, what we can do to help you and the treatment plan needed in your case to help you get out of pain

Treatment plan:

At The Paddock Wood Chiropractic Clinic we are committed to helping you achieve your health aims. With this in mind we will recommend a course of treatments for you based on our clinical expertise & experience.

When needed we will liaise with other health professionals so that we don’t ‘tread on each others toes’ as chiropractic often works very well with other modalities